Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame

On Tuesday, March 25th, I was honored by being inducted into the Shopper Marketing Hall of Fame.  It was a special night and I was truly humbled to share it with so many friends in the industry in addition to my wife, Mary. Shopper Marketing is still a young, vibrant industry that never seems to stop having an identity crisis. There are many folks who've been in this space far longer than I have, but when I started in 1997, no one had Shopper Marketing in their title. Today almost all Fortune Read more »

Google Retail Stores…a statement of the power of physical retail.

I found it interesting that Google is going to open physical retail stores.  Interesting not because of how they might design the stores nor if they will be differentiated from Apple or Microsoft.  What is interesting is what it says about Google's belief in brick-and-mortar locations as a necessary strategy for growing their business.   If Google, the paragon of finding and converting customers on-line, believes in the power of traditional brick-and-mortar, than clearly they don't believe  the Read more »